About Us

financeddistributiondeal.com is the fruit of Giann Pennng’s labour, with the main objective of his venture to bring forward the best financial deals and hidden treasures of the financial market to the mass market out there.

I use a combination of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to drive out all the hidden financial treasure troves, revealing the good values out there in the market and unveiling the gems of the finance market.

We are a growing team of financial analysts, a good mix of finance industry veterans with over 30 years of experiencing, and the fresh voice of new graduates who are eager to shed their academic financial learning from school to the actual finance playing field.

Giann Pennng comes from a humble background, with his father being the sole breadwinner. He was thus inculcated with the value of finding a best deal, and making the best one of the resources on hand. He hopes to share this through financeddistributiondeal.com.

financeddistributiondeal.com wants to share the best deal with you, bringing you the unbeatable with that same dollar in your pocket. Email to admin@financeddistributiondeal.com

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